Contributions.space is the Content Creators blockchain that enables to monetize your content outside the standard channels and engage with your community.

You create your community,
the blockchain supports it.

As far as the content is appreciated by your community, the blockhain will support it.

Built on Lisk

Contributions.space runs on a Lisk Sidechain. The network is secured by it's own decentralized network run by delegates.

Made to engage

ou as creator, you'll become the super hero of the blockchain. Creators are the pillars of the community, your community will be able to contribute to your projects via contributions.space

From creators to creators

Built from a team of creative minds all around the world, with the mission to create positive communities around your content and make sure that. Is time to get rewarded for your time spent building content.

Working together
with your revenue flow
in a noninvasive way

On Youtube, Creators become eligible to earn money by placing ads within their videos through YouTube's Partner Program. These ads are filtered by Google and creators get paid a certain amount based on factors like a video's watch time, length, and viewer demographic. On average, a video with 100,000 views will earn her between $500 to $1,000, and that depends on factors like how many ads are included in a video, viewer demographic, and overall watch time.
Contributions.space works in parallel and independently of your ads, partnerships and sponsorships. Is like a Lightning Network for Content, it works on top of it.

Want to know more?

We kindly ask you to stay tuned. We have a delivery first mentality and we don't like to hype before we are ready to launch, that's why further details will be shared via the social channels.